4 Pieces Of Advice On How To Write A Good Conclusion For A Research Paper

A lot of writing experts consider the conclusion to be the most important part of a long research paper. It’s the last chance to drive home all the points made throughout the document and leave the reader with a lasting impression. There are strategies one can use to achieve this, and these 4 pieces of advice can certainly help you write a great ending:

  1. Reestablish Your Thesis and Major Discussion Points
  2. An effective way of writing a great conclusion is to reestablish your thesis and major discussion points brought up throughout the research paper. Don’t simply re-write the text using the exact same words; re-write the main elements using different words while effectively summarizing and synthesizing the information so that the reader understands that you have succeeded in presenting your case.

  3. Revisit the Themes You Addressed Back in the Introduction
  4. When working on long projects like this you may be aware of a great strategy of introducing specific themes in an introduction that the reader will likely be familiar with. If you have used this strategy then you should consider revisiting those themes in the concluding paragraph. If you do this, do so in a way that doesn’t merely repeat the information but instead provides the reader with a sense of closure.

  5. Zoom Out the Lens and Bring the Reader Back to Reality
  6. One of the most common ways of writing a good introduction is to start writing in the broad sense and gradually zooming in the lens to a focused topic communicated through a concise thesis statement. The same technique can be used to finish a research paper in the reverse, where one zooms out the lens, taking the reader from a focused topic back to the reality of a broad world. It may take some practice to master this technique but it will certainly make for a great ending that provides the reader with a sense of closure.

  7. End with a Call to Action or Thought Provoking Question
  8. Finally, you should write the final sentence of your conclusion with intention of leaving your reader with a positive lasting impression of your work. Having a good call to action will keep the reader focused on your research paper for quite some time after he finishes reading it, but so too will a well-crafted thought provoking question that isn’t simple to answer.