A List Of High School Research Paper Topics: 35 Best Suggestions

Finding the right high school research paper topic can be challenging but with proper research you will be able to find one that you’re interested in. You want to choose a topic that you are well versed in, do extensive research and try and get a topic that you fancy. You can also use any of the below list of 35 high school research topics that you may be interested in:

35 Best High School Research Topic Suggestions

  1. Justification of abortion

  2. Animal testing

  3. Human cloning and its use in the future

  4. Young people and the problem of internet addiction

  5. Is it possible to measure an animal’s IQ

  6. Pollution and its effects on the environment.

  7. STD’s, what are some of the types out there

  8. The problem of obesity in the United States

  9. Caring for the homeless

  10. Teenage pregnancy

  11. What is GPS and how does it work

  12. The Salem witch trials, what occurred there

  13. Steroid usage and the side effects that come with it

  14. The history of the railroad, and the difference it brought

  15. The causes of the 2008 stock market collapse

  16. Safety measures that have been adopted as a result of the 9/11 terrorist attack

  17. Who are the founders of Hip Hop

  18. Cause of tobacco use

  19. How has technology affected the music industry, positive and negative

  20. Women suffrage movement, what is it? And how did it affect modern society

  21. The war on drugs and its cost

  22. Human evolution, is it still happening

  23. Magna Carta and its effects

  24. The history alchemy

  25. Black holes and their formation

  26. Benefits and risks of vaccination

  27. Effects of the cold war in America and the rest of the world

  28. How does an electric car function, is it convenient?

  29. Freedom riders, how did the influence society

  30. The history of Joan of Ark

  31. Gun rights, how does it affect society

  32. Effects of the patriotic act

  33. The Manhattan project and its effects

  34. Reasons for Martin Luther’s protest against the church

  35. The rise and fall of the Roman empire

While selecting, make sure you choose one that you like personally so that you can put all your effort into writing the term paper. However, I would suggest that you seek out a topic of your own, as it will be easier that way.