Outstanding Business Management Research Paper Topics

  1. Business leadership learning strategies.
  2. Discuss the concept of business leadership, whether business leadership can be learned, and what ways to do it are the most efficient.

  3. The role of a business manager’s personal brand in social marketing strategy.
  4. Explore how a business manager can assist the company’s marketing strategy by building his or her personal brand in social networks.

  5. Comparative analysis of global standardization and local customization strategies for a particular company or industry.
  6. Find out which of these two strategies will work better for your chosen company and why.

  7. The relationship between a multinational corporation’s performance and presence in the home country.
  8. Test the hypothesis that a multinational corporation needs a strong presence in its home country in order to be successful.

  9. A case study of a controversial business regulation act.
  10. Select a recent business regulation act that has caused much debate, analyze its consequences for the affected businesses, and suggest ways for improvement (either amendment or abolishment of this law).

  11. Management of the mobile and virtual workforce.
  12. Explain how different the management of virtual (remote) workplaces is from traditional human resource management, and what approaches are most efficient in this case.

  13. Organizational strategies in high-technological start-ups.
  14. In recent years, the world has seen many high-technological start-ups that have jumped from obscurity to multi-million revenues. Analyze the organizational strategy of one of these young and thriving companies, and explain how it has contributed to its success.

  15. Entrepreneurship culture in large corporations.
  16. Entrepreneurship culture is typically associated with start-ups, but some large corporations such as Google or Facebook put a great deal of effort in maintaining this culture for their employees. Analyze whether these efforts are successful.

  17. The effective forms of customer involvement in product development.
  18. While some companies involve their customers in the development of new products with the help of free Web-based tools, others point out the dangers of commercial information leaks that such practices create. Investigate the current practices of broader customer involvement, and make a conclusion whether you would recommend them to businesses or not.

  19. 3D-printing technology as a challenge to manufacturing organizations.
  20. 3D-printing has stormed into various industries; including fast food, construction, and medicine. The companies that use this technology are predicted to completely supplant their traditional competitors. Study a specific market to find out whether 3D-printing can actually be revolutionized within the next decade, and how the companies working in this industry can prepare themselves for this change.