10 Winning Term Paper Ideas For Your Economics Class

Writing a great term paper for your economics class can be quite challenging. A large portion of your grade will likely be determined by this assignment alone. While there are a number of components that go into crafting a great term paper, you want to be sure that you choose a great topic to work on. Here are 10 great ideas for you to consider:

  1. Gambling as an industry and the effects it would have on the U.S. Economy. If gambling were legalized federally and left to each state to decide how they would regulate it, what would it mean in generating revenue?

  2. Discuss how problems in the healthcare system create problems in the nation’s economy. As more people require testing, pharmaceuticals and preventative services, is there a direct link to other areas of the financial system which are problematic?

  3. Provide an analysis of immigration’s effect on the U.S. economic system. Is the U.S. burdened by illegal immigration or is there a boost or stimulation to local economies?

  4. War as a profiteering tool to develop the private and public sectors. How has the private and public sectors profited from war? Are there instances of profit when one’s nation isn’t even involved?

  5. Discuss the changing notion of what constitutes a successful nation. Today, there are more nations that have what is considered a healthy debt. But what does this deficit really say about a nation’s financial stability?

  6. Discuss how long prison terms are a burden to the nation’s financial system. What about non-violent felony convictions? What about the death penalty or death row?

  7. Government procurement to develop local economies and financial stability. Discuss the importance that government procurement policies help build local economies. What problems can these policies bring up?

  8. Provide an analysis of global economics paying special attention to developing nations. How do developing nations affect the global economy and what does this mean for international financial stability?

  9. Domestic poverty and the influence it has on policies and legislature affecting economics. Despite a stable financial system there is always a level of poverty that exists in the U.S. How does it affect the way policies and legislature are written?

  10. Discuss how capitalism and internationalism affect change to the nation’s financial structure. Do companies invest more oversees as internationalism becomes a normative feature of a nation’s financial structure?