Psychology Research Paper Topic Ideas For College Students

When in a college psychology class, it is expected that you essay topics will be more advanced. You should also have case studies and research from field experts for support in your paper. Every thing needs to be well researched and written with the highest of standards. It may be difficult to come up with fresh and exciting, but academic type essay topics. When you are writing an essay for your college psychology class, use this list to come up with a topic.

  1. Bullying and Teenagers-explore the traits of bullying, discuss how a bully may have often been bullied, and cover online bullying incidents. This topic is relevant and always in the news of late.
  2. Case Studies and Experiments from the Past: The old experiments still hold true in many cases. Consider a fresh approach on an old study such as Pavlov’s Conditioning.
  3. You could conduct your own case study, but you need to clear something like this with your professor first. Some rules are simply too important in the filed of psychology to be broken and approval would be necessary. Once you do get approval, you can conduct your case study and then move ahead with an APA-style paper that discusses all that you did including the end results and your conclusions. You would have charts and graphs for this style of paper.
  4. Isolation: An exploration of isolation and its consequences is always interesting. The isolation does not just have to be among people, but if you look at isolation in animals and their behavior you can draw upon quite an interesting paper. You may even want to consider isolation that results with a child in school who has allergies and sits at a specific table due to this allergy.
  5. If you are a people person, you could explore the life of one of the masters such as:
    • Carl Jung
    • Sigmund Freud
    • BF Skinner
    • Carol Rogers
    • Alfred Kinsey
    • Albert Ellis
    • Kay Jamison

    You can cover their personal life, their discoveries and findings, and then the impacts they made on the field of psychology. You could also write about some of their works such as:

    • Identity crisis
    • Id
    • Bipolar disorders
    • Theory of knowing
    • Conditioning
    • Skinner box
    • Psyche

The fun thing about writing a psychology paper for your college class is that there are so many options and that it will be a lot of fun. You will need case studies for most topics for the strong support.