11 Great Argument Topics For Your Next Research Paper

Students get a shiver up their spines when they know they cannot avoid research papers anymore. It is not only physically tiring; it is also mentally extracting. You have to precise with the work and perfect with perspectives.

One or the other view

When it comes to argument research papers, the students at least have the facility to taking one or the other view. Thus, he can go on the wrong road with as much dexterity as he takes the right. In any case, proper research and citations cannot be evaded.

Here are 11 argument research topics for your convenience –

  1. Justify the placement of women in top positions; in what is becoming a general trend – While people are okay with the idea, one feels it can inject resentment in office males at least in the starting phase.

  2. How much leeway should censorship get? – Censorship puts an end to creative liberty. Question is how much power should it.

  3. Justifying Google searches; knowing that it leads to enormous energy expenditure – In these days of energy conscience, Google searches seem unethical. They are however admittedly quite important.

  4. Should countries’ policies be influenced by the prevalent religion? – This question relates more to the Islamic state than other countries. Proper research is needed.

  5. Identifying right role models in different spheres of life – It is necessary to follow the acts and ways of role models in fitness, vocation and future planning.

  6. The creative liberty that books have taken over the last 100 years – Books in the last century have been extremely creative; and some, like Satanic Verses, have also taken enormous liberty.

  7. Putting an end to the debate on abortion – Some countries are against the very thought while some are okay with it. The debate continues.

  8. Justifying the ethics of stem-cell research – The process is unethical but it is carried with human welfare in mind.

  9. Who are more unsettled in mind – disabled or obese people? – Obesity or disability leaves an indelible mark on the minds. The topic elicits scope for research and argument.

  10. Analyzing and assessing the impact of the startling popularity of Facebook – Facebook has started to sneak into official matters as well. It is also targeting impressionable minds. Let’s assess the extent of its impact.

  11. Assessing the trivialization of women in movies – Women have been trivialized, objectified and brutalized in several movies globally. An in-depth look into the matter is necessary.