Professionals Sharing Some Argumentative Research Paper Topic Ideas

Expert writers share some great argumentative research paper ideas-

Most students would agree that the hardest part of writing an argumentative essay is coming up with a great research paper topic idea. The reason for this is because coming up with an original concept that has not been overdone and will earn you a top grade is hard. Once you have figured out a topic, you still have to formulate your argument this, can also be quite difficult to do. Without any previous experience writing an argumentative research paper, knowing how to come up with a strong argument can be perplexing. In today’s article we will share some of the best argument research paper ideas that professionals writers use.

  1. Use current events to figure out your topic
  2. If you are stumped for a topic idea try picking up a newspaper or watching the news. Current events can offer plenty of inspiration for a great argumentative research paper. For example: Recently, Brittany Maynard passed away using the death with dignity act. You could write your argumentative essay on whether or not death with dignity should be allowed in every state.

  3. Use current events as examples of evidence in your argumentative essay
  4. Once you have picked a side for your argument, try using the same current event to help defend and support your argument. For example: Has Brittany Maynard’s public promotion of the death with dignity changed public opinion about doctor-assisted suicide? Use some specific examples from this case to back up your argument points.

  5. Include your own opinion
  6. Even when you use current events to write your paper you should still include your own opinion on the topic that you are writing about. The main difference between an argumentative essay and other essays is that the author is allowed to share their personal thoughts and feels in order to give strength to their argument. This is done in order to help persuade the reader to agree with your point of you. For example: How do you feel about the publicity that Brittany Maynard received for her cause? Use “I think” and “I feel statements” to share your thoughts.

Writing a strong argumentative paper is no easy task. The real secret is coming up with a great topic idea to begin with. Professional writers recommend using current events to help ad substance to your paper. You can also use instances from these current events to create the backbone of your argument.