Composing Argumentative Research Paper Topics On Abortion

When you write an argumentative essay, you should use your critical thinking skills and spend enough time developing an effective strategy. This is especially important when you are working on such a sensitive topic like abortion. This topic involves a wide variety of points that you can argue. It is a good idea to write a research paper outline first, so you will be able to determine the most important ideas and key argument that you support.

There are four main points that you can discuss in your abortion argumentative paper, which are:

  1. Religious issues:
  2. You can hardly find a religious person who supports women’s rights of abortion. The holy books consider abortion as a murder, and that it should be forbidden. There is also an argument that people should not interfere with the God’s policy. In other words, women cannot make their own choices on whether to give birth or have an abortion.

  3. Right to life:
  4. Everyone has a right to life; this simple rule is fundamental in many communities worldwide. This is a powerful point against abortion. It implies that mothers cannot decide whether their children die or live. However, many people agree that technically, the fetus becomes a human being at 20 weeks, so early abortions should be allowed. They also claim that almost 25% of pregnancies are spontaneously miscarried anyway.

  5. Health risks involved:
  6. Those who support abortion argue that women should have them if they feel like there is a risk to their health. They also agree that it is possible to abort a pregnancy if the fetus has a genetic disease. It is debatable whether abortion causes depression and may lead to suicide, but post-partum depression is a medical fact. Many women need the help of specialists because of post-partum stress.

  7. Women’s rights:
  8. Many women today consider abortion as an effective tool for controlling their reproductive capacities. They want to have the right to control childbirth. Sometimes, women do not want to undergo the discomfort and health risks of a nine-month pregnancy. The opposite point of view claims that abortion cannot be accepted as a birth control method. However, many people agree that women should have such an option in case the pregnancy has resulted from incest or rape.

No matter what position you choose, it is important to consider your argumentation carefully and provide enough evidence to support you point of view.