How To Come Up With A Research Paper Title On Animal Testing

Coming with a paper which talks about animal testing requires a lot of homework. You will have to analyze the subject that you are dealing with on the basis of pure merits and also on the ethical standpoint. But all of that has to be taken care of in the paper that you write. Even before you come up with the paper, you will have to come up with a title that reflects the thought of the writer along with the content of the paper.

The other thing about the title with such sensitive topics is that you have really very little room for experimentation. You cannot really make the title into something that does not reflect the basic idea of the paper. Here are a few other things that you should consider when coming up with the title of the research paper.

The title needs to be neutral

The first thing that you will have to achieve with the title is a hint of neutrality. There are several other things too that you might want included. But this one is a must. However, this does not suggest that you cannot have a bias. You may definitely be biased in approach. But that hint of neutrality in the title helps both the pro and anti-groups start with the paper.

Over intellectualizing may not help

At times you might press the intellectual button too hard. This might not be particularly beneficial for the paper. There can be other challenges as well and you will have to consider the help that you might require from others.

  • Do not read too much into other titles

  • Take a simplistic and minimalistic approach

  • Divide the title in not more than two parts

  • Do not use confusing words

  • Avoid making the title unnecessarily long

You should consider a literature review

A literature review of the work that has already been published helps a lot when writing things that are related to animal testing. Many noted authors and activists have registered their views for or against the motion.

When you look at what has been written, do not go into deep analysis of the titles as such. You may always come up with your own unique title for the research.

Imagine the responses and conduct timely edits

The responses that come after the paper is published need to be analyzed even before they come. Effectively, you will have to imagine them first. This also helps you in analyzing the details of the title.