A List Of Impressive Research Paper Topics On Poverty

Writing a research paper about poverty poses a great challenge on selecting a topic. Failing to choose a good topic will make your writing fall flat.

Put also in mind the need of sensitivity as you handle issues like poverty. It is the number one sickness in every society of this world and it should be handled with care.

The following is the list of impressive research paper topics on poverty you can use:

  1. The Poverty Mentality – This topic touches more on philosophy. Poor people are poor because of how they think. On this topic you can expound about how the change of mentality can help alleviate the problem. There’s a lot of sources you can acquire as to what mind setting they need to eradicate poverty.

  2. The Nation’s wealth and the Inhabitant’s poverty – Most of the concern you can raise here is the corruption of the government in some countries. You can expound more on the effect of good governance to improve the lives of the poor.

  3. The Conflict of Humanity and Poverty - Sometimes, the cause of poverty is the unresolved issues of people in a society. It could be disunity, rebellion, etc. Explain in your essay the need for conflict resolution.

  4. Full wallets and empty bellies – Here, you can write facts about the rich people and poor people in a society. When the rich work together with the poor, the rich can be of great help in alleviating the status of the poor.

  5. Hunger for riches, hunger for food – on this topic, you can mix the power of greed and poverty is linked together. Discuss in your essay how being content and the right kind of mindset fix poverty.

  6. Crime and poverty – Most of the time, there is a higher rate of crime on societies below the poverty line. List down the cause and effect of this and suggest possible solutions that can aid cure the problem.

  7. Children, the True victims of poverty – Many abandoned children are left on garbage and streets. This is probably due to inability of the parents to give food to their child. Discuss in your article the need for organizations to help those suffering children.

  8. Terrorism and Poverty – There is a strong relationship between poverty and terrorism. Because of the way terrorist behave, it contributes or even worsen the cases of the poor people. The Poor Student – a lot of students are availing the government scholarships to go to school. Mention in your paper the need for more scholarship program to make education free for all.

  9. Prejudice and Poverty – Prejudice disables the poor people to succeed in their lives. Your paper could talk about how to eliminate prejudice among the poor.

All of these topics need extensive study to develop a good research paper. Be sensitive in handling the facts and consider also the readers of your topic.