Writing A Research Paper About Black Holes: Tips From A Professional

Conundrum: You are asked to write a research paper about black holes. Where would you even begin?

Solution: One, head to the nearest public library. Two, read the pointers below and then proceed here to this company for more details.

What can you write about black holes?

  • Most important and the only logical question is “What are black holes?” Give a detailed description of what a black hole is; not only in your opinion but also the widely accepted theories and other less discounted theories.

  • Second, “What are they made of”? Explain what these are comprised of or what scientists believe they are. Back up your statements with documents and proof gathered from scientific journals or books.

  • Next, “What causes this phenomenon?” There are a myriad of theories; reasonable and unreasonable by many scientists. Talk about the pros and cons of each theory. Make your point of view stand out, but back it up by reliable evidence or assumptions.

  • Talk about related phenomenon’s, i.e., time warps, gravity, etc.

  • Mention space travel, how it is impossible without the study of how the objects in space have evolved.

  • Explain, or at the very least try to, why black holes are invisible to the naked human eye.

  • The wide range in sizes, from a small dot to the size of a large continent.

  • Talk about X-ray astronomy and how it has been useful in the study of these strange objects.

  • How close is the one nearest to Earth?

  • Are they strong enough to suck in a planet at big as Earth?

  • There are so many movies and films about black holes. Dissect and discuss these science fiction movies in your report.

  • Parallel universes and wormholes can easily rouse up a heated debate if worded properly. Use your paper to stimulate discussion among your peer groups.

  • Last but not the least; ask why the study of black holes is even necessary. These objects are so distant and far beyond anything the mathematics and science known to man can comprehend; why should we study them? What purpose does it serve humankind?

Talk about the innumerable and fantastic books written on the subject. Elaborate on your criticism of the topics involved. Remember, this is your paper, so make your point of view known very clearly. If you are still undecided, visit the website mentioned above for more ideas!