How To Find Good Topics For An Argumentative Research Paper

People who like good debates are drawn naturally to argumentative research. It allows them to present two sides of a story in a balanced manner that allows the reader to make an informed choice without skewing their opinions in one direction or another. Some things you should remember when searching for a topic in this vein are:

Embrace your individuality

It can be very tempting to do what everyone else seems to be doing, especially if all reports show that this well worn method is consistently successful. However, by being yourself and seeking topics that reflect your unique perspective, you may write more dynamic research that gets greater attention.

Check the news if you get stuck

If you are already aware of who you are and your problem is that you have a case of writer’s block, look through the newspapers and see if there’s anything that just sticks out. This may be your research topic just waiting to be pulled out. There’s always a story waiting to be told.

Ask for someone else’s opinion

If you’ve compiled a list of potential topics and you’re not sure which one to select, ask around. The academics in your life should be willing to help you to narrow down your list until only the best remain. At this point you can pick a topic based on instinct.

Here are a few good topics that you could consider:

  1. Should countries with records of environmental abuse be sanctioned as heavily as those known for human rights abuses?
  2. Should children be allowed to eat as unhealthily as the wish at school?
  3. Can the obesity epidemic be reigned in using government legislature?
  4. Are homeschoolers at an advantage compared to the average student in traditional schools?
  5. Has China benefited from the implementation of its one child policy?
  6. Should international agencies ban scientists from conducting research that enables the creation of artificial intelligence?
  7. Should Earth continue to send signals into space in the hopes of contacting extra terrestrial lifeforms?
  8. Should human beings attempt to stop the process of aging and eliminate the need for death?
  9. Should homeless people be allowed to temporarily rescind their status as human in order to access facilities set up by animal rights activists?
  10. Should Earth governments team up to colonize other planets?

All the listed topics can be related to recent events but don’t feel obligated to continue along that path.