A List Of Good High School Research Paper Topics In Sociology

Sociology is a tough subject because you need to learn various theories by various sociologists of different times. In the beginning, you may not even understand the complex terms and the ideas introduced in the paper. If you want to have better scores at the subject or attempt its assignments without much trouble then you will need to go beyond theory and understand the core concepts behind these theories. For example, you can continue learning Marxism for an entire year and cram the material to pass the exams and grade better in your term or research papers. However, it will be comparatively easier and interesting if you actually realize who Marx was and what events around him made him so sensitive about this class system. How he came up with the idea of Marxism, what flaws did he spot in capitalism while others did not? What were the major events and inspiration for Karl Marx to have this theory, how important these ideas were to the people around him? If you go deep down into the history and read this as a story or myth then you will develop better interest. You can read various novels based on this issue and the authors of that time.

I am laying emphasis on developing an understanding of the subject because you cannot ever compose a research paper without it. A research paper needs critical thinking, good hold of the subject, valid data and fresh topics. The topic of your paper needs to be unique and original if you want to impress your professors. Students often find this part of their research paper very challenging. Even though it is not hard to select a topic if you brainstorm for fresh ideas and eliminate the ones that you do not need

List of research paper topics in Sociology

  1. What is the innate flaw in Capitalism? Will it fail?
  2. Why does the class-system matter in economy, education and political sectors
  3. Do people treat Marxism as a religion
  4. Is Marxism as popular today as it was at the time of its introduction
  5. Why did feudalism fail
  6. What is the profit maximization concept in businesses according to Marx
  7. Does exploitation of labor occur in every kind of industry
  8. How do technological advancements support or go against capitalism
  9. The list of possible Marxist societies in the world today