How To Come Up With Good World History Research Paper Topics

The newest country in the world, South Sudan, was just admitted in 2011 while some of the oldest countries in the world have existed since the 600 BCE’s. If a student is struggling to develop a good world history research paper topic, they can look no further than one of the 196 countries on planet Earth. Some good ideas for topics however, no matter what country can stem from:

  • Independence
  • Invasion and Takeover
  • Noteworthy Events
  • Famous Leaders


All countries celebrate some type of day of their founding or independence. For some countries it is the independence of them no longer being part of another country such as France or the United Kingdom. The struggle toward independence for these countries is usually a very lengthy process caused by war, famine, genocide, dictators, crippling debt or a crumbling economy.

Invasion and Takeover

Although some countries now like to remain neutral, every country has undergone some type of war, invasion and takeover. These wars have been documented in thousands of books, videos, journals and portrayed by hundreds of famous actors throughout history. War is inevitable and understanding how a country’s culture and people came to live together whether harmonious or not, is a very good topic for a world history paper.

Noteworthy Events

Events happen throughout history that completely transcends the way political leaders run their country. These events can be war related such as the Invasion of Normandy, the two atomic bombs dropped in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the unknown man in Tiananmen square or the collapse of the Berlin Wall. These events are important facets of history of each country that help a person understand where the world used to be and where it is going now.

Famous Leaders

Every country has a Winston Churchill, Mao Zedong, Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussain or Muammar Gaddafi. Whether these leaders do great things to make their country prosperous or if they are murdering tyrants, they have all received their places in the history books for the things they have done. If a student decides that they want to write a paper on the Viking Crusades, all they have to do is research Norse figures such as Ragnar Lothbrok and they will be able to write a historical research on anything from crusades, the unification of England or the leadership of Viking rulers.