Suggest Me Some Good Topics For History Research Papers

There are many possible things one can write about for a history research paper. These topics will differ depending on your own personal interests, but none-the-less they are all interesting in their own way. Some possible research topics are…

9/11 (The attack on the world trade centers)

Over 3,000 people were killed during this attack, which included numerous public safety officers. This attack by the Islamic extremist group Al-Qaeda triggered a number of major changes the United States made in order to combat terrorism.

  • Salem Witch Trials
  • A young girl in Salem Village claimed to be possessed by the devil and along with her own claim, claimed that many local women were also possessed. This created a wave of hysteria, which had a court convened in Salem to hear the cases. In a short few months, more than 150 individuals were accused.

  • The Great Depression
  • 13-15 million Americans were unemployed and half of the banks around the nation failed. This was not defeated until World War II came about.

  • The French Revolution
  • The French redesigned the country’s political structure. This movement played a crucial role in shaping the modern nations.

  • The Black Death
  • Came about from sailors who came to Europe who were overcome by fever, delirious from pain, unable to keep down any sort of food, and has black boils that oozed pus and blood that covered their bodies. This plague took the lives of over 20 million people in Europe.

  • Civil Rights Movement
  • The right to remove “Jim Crow” laws were being fought for. Individuals of color were going out to prove that “separate but equal” is in fact not equal.

  • Slavery in America
  • This began in Jamestown, Virginia and spread rapidly throughout the south. This began an important aspect to the South’s economy and farmers/landowners became dependent on slaves to do their work for them.

  • The Attack on Pearl Harbor
  • The attack on a Hawaiian base during World War II. This attack by the Japanese brought about many new laws; including, the introduction of internment camps.

    When writing your own research paper, make sure that you pick a topic that you personally find interesting. If you do not find the individual topic interesting, it will show through the way in which the paper is written. Also remember, you much have credible sources in order to make your paper believable.