Creating Research Paper Subheading In The MLA Style: The Essential Tips

Research papers can be extremely difficult to write for anybody who isn’t properly trained or doesn’t use the right skills to make his ideas and thoughts come through to the reader. This would make for an extremely difficult read for your instructors or peers. And while we don’t have enough time now to focus on how to improve your writing skills, we can show you how to take an extremely long research paper and make easier to follow with a few essential tips on using subheadings in the MLA style. Here’s what you need to know:

Creating Section Heads

Make your research paper easier to navigate by creating separate sections. You may have sections such as an abstract, methodologies, results, etc. Creating section heads will help readers turn to just the part or parts they want to read. This can be especially helpful when your work is referenced or used for someone else’s research. Putting these section heads in a table of contents will make this even easier by allowing readers to quickly scan a single page to find out exactly where they need to turn to for the right content.

Creating Subheadings

Creating a subhead is no different than creating section heads and serves the same purpose. The only difference is that you can take each individual section and break it down even further. Don’t just do this arbitrarily, you should make sure that the sub-sections make sense and improve on the section. If you are unsure if you are doing this correctly get some help from your friends or colleagues. Ask them to review your research paper and provide feedback on how easy it is to understand.

Start a New Section on New Page

Be sure to start each new section (not sub-section) on a separate page. This is a great trick that signals the reader that a new section is about to begin. It also gives the opportunity for your reader to set the document down and take a break, a much needed reward for especially long documents. The crisp and clean format will also make for a more professional presentation which can add to your overall grade.

Use Your Word Processor

The easiest way to prepare your research paper subheadings in the MLA style is to use the tools in your word processor. There are several pre-set styles designed for a number of different documents. Don’t choose anything too fancy or flashy. Remember that this is an academic work that should be taken seriously. Professionalism is key here.