Creating An Impressive Research Paper Introduction About Gadgets

To write about gadgets seems easy since you are using them all the time. However, a research paper on this subject is not a piece of cake even for the best student. A complete paper needs to have a lot of valid information, not to mention great arguments and a suitable structure. It can take weeks of work until you finish everything, even more if you have to write a big number of pages. The introduction is, obviously, the first thing that you need to worry about. You want to create an impressive one? Here is how:

  • Provide a few details about the research paper. Why did you choose this particular topic? How can this be useful for the reader? What research method did you use? When someone reads your research paper, he needs to know what to expect. No one wants to wait until the middle of the composition to find out what the text is really about.
  • Do not write too much. You need to summarize everything and to limit yourself to one or two paragraphs. If you write more than this, it will not be an introduction, but more like the body of the text. Stay away from unnecessary details and focus on the most important aspects in the first lines. The more you write, the more you will confuse the reader.
  • Make it engaging. Let’s say that a random person will read the introduction. You need to make him eager to read the rest of your research paper, and you can do this by giving some hints. For example, you can mention that you will present in the body of the paper the most interesting gadget of this year, that was just released on the market. Details like this can make anyone interested.
  • Stay away from complicated words. Since you are talking about gadgets, you might think that you have to mention a few of them right from the beginning. This is not true, quite the opposite. You want to keep this for the rest of the text, because complicated words, brands and technical specifications can be too much for the first lines.
  • Connect it wisely with the body of the paper. It needs to look natural, and to seem well connected. If you discuss a certain idea in the beginning, then jump to something else without warning, the reader will get bored fast.