How To Tell A Research Paper Writer You Chose Is Reliable

When you order a research paper from a writing service, you want to know for sure how reliable your writer is. Although there is no 100% guarantee possible in this issue, you can use the following checklist to test your writer.

  • What academic degree does your writer have?
  • If you need a university research paper, you probably do not want a college student (even a very good one) to work on it. Do not hesitate to ask what educational institution your writer has graduated from, what he or she majored in, and what grades received. Ideally, you should hire a writer who has profound knowledge in the field of your research paper.

  • What research papers has your writer completed before?
  • Ask a writing service manager what large assignments, such as term papers and dissertations, your writer has completed before, what their topics were, and how the work was accepted. If your writer has done a great job on several large research papers in the same field as yours, you can rest assured that he or she is competent enough to win you an A grade as well.

  • What is your writer’s rating?
  • Ask the manager about the reassignment, late, and revision rates of your writer. They should be as low as possible. Some writing services use another writer rating system – by votes that clients give them. In this case, choose a writer with the highest rating. Customer satisfaction is the most reliable indicator of how trustworthy a writer is.

  • Does your writer reply promptly?
  • Even the best research writer can’t stay online 24/7 (he or she needs time for sleep, after all), but your messages should never remain unanswered for more than 8-10 hours. Ideally, you should know what time zone your writer lives in. If you have to wait for your writer’s response for hours in the local daytime, it may be a sign that he or she either has too many other orders to complete or is not an organized person.

  • Does your writer really care?
  • To see how seriously your writer takes their work, omit an important detail from your assignment on purpose. A reliable writer will contact you as soon as possible, asking for the missing information and explaining that your paper can’t be completed without it. When it happens, you can know for sure that the writer has read the assignment right away, understood the problem, and did his or her best to fix it.