How To Find Business Law Research Paper Topics

Business law is a fun topic to cover in a research paper if you are interested in the subject and there are even more interesting topics out there that will make the research paper easier to write. Business law has to do with laws that are geared toward businesses, basically things they can and can’t do. Here are some good topics that you can use for your business law research paper.

Business Law Research Paper

  • In recent news there is legal action taken against the business of Abercrombie and Fitch because of race discrimination. This is because of their appearance policy that employees need to follow. This would be an interesting topic to cover for your research paper. Or you could find any your research paper on another case that has to do with discrimination.

  • You have probably heard about Amazon censoring certain products and people. They were delist or refuse to sell certain products on there website. Study this case and then use it for your business law research paper.

  • You could also do your research paper on product liabilities. Examine the product liability law and see how it protects the consumers.

  • Take a look at sexual harassment law and see how far it has come since it first was passed in 1964. You can also examine whether or not it is enforced more or less than back then. Use cases to help you with your research.

  • HIPAA went into effect in 1996 and did an overhaul on health care companies and other associated with them to help protect their consumers. HIPAA was in place to help prevent fraud and waste but in some cases is it doing that. Study HIPAA and see if they act really helped or hurt the people it is suppose to protect.

The good thing about a business law research paper is that there are so many different places that you can study. All you have to do is find an interesting case that has to do with a business law and then do the research and write your paper. You can do a search online for cases that you can use. Think of a company that might have problems and see if they have broken any business laws. You can also do an examination on laws like contract, tort, or intellectual property and find some interesting cases as examples.