Where Can You Find Best Research Paper Topics

Getting confused and frustrated while looking for research paper topics is a common condition. Others may raise their eyebrows on hearing that you spend most of the time assigned for your paper in looking for a topic, developing it, and formulating your position on it. However, it should not be surprising at all. Topic selection is the crucial step in any academic writing assignment. The right topic sows the seed, which if carefully tended, grows into a blossoming academic beauty! The wrong topic does the opposite; it drains your energy, bores you to tears, and destroys your chances of success. Most students hit a brick wall thinking about the places where they can find research topic ideas. This is not a list of topic ideas. This is better. Here is a list of the resources you can tap to find the ideal topic for your research paper

  1. Keep wandering on the Internet: Go on, search online for lists of research paper ideas according to course and subject. The Internet is overflowing with information on every subject under the sun. You will find many good (and bad) lists of topics that can be developed beautifully. Do not just judge on face value. Any topic that has potential can be modified and made unique!

  2. Textbooks: The INDEX section of your textbook to be specific. This will give you a quick tour of all the areas, categories, subcategories, and topics covered in the course. You are likely to zoom into your favorite parts quickly. Tip: this can be your starting point for a more focused search on the Internet.

  3. Academic Journals and Periodicals: You do not have to read these periodicals and journals from cover to cover. Just go through the titles of the articles, read the ones that you like, and skip over others. Academic journals etc. can be found online and in traditional print medium. Your college library is the best place in the universe for this purpose. Use it!

  4. Past works: The advent of online libraries and databases has made it that much more convenient to browse through recently submitted research work. Go to your college or university database and perform an advanced search to find newer, more innovative work going on in your field.

Make use of other resources such as academic writing websites, agencies, and services to rescue you in case you are stuck. You can also decide to skip the whole process and ask professionals to take care of your research paper.