How To Find Interesting Technology Term Paper Ideas

Technology term papers lend themselves naturally to be fascinating in and of themselves—plus, there are all types of directions you can go with them and they will still be fascinating to listen to. Plus, some people are more behind in technology than others and will not mind an honest assessment of where we have been in terms of technology.

People are fascinated by technology in and of itself, but you can always focus a paper on specific gadgets that are already here, being used by the public, or gadgets that will soon be released, or gadgets of the past and gadgets that will be used by everyone in the future.

Wired is a great magazine/journal to peruse for ideas. Wired talks about so many fascinating topics that just carousing its table of contents will give you all kinds of fascinating term paper topics to write about.

Also, look for good technology journals and magaines. They will all have directions you can go with this term paper.

Make it fascinating.

Also, you will need to find credible sources for your technology paper and this can be challenging with any magazine or journal which purports to see into the future. Some of these magaines, like Popular Mechanics, for example, are frequently populated with sham, fluff pieces that your professor will not respect you for including in your essay. Even puff pieces in Time magazine, and that magazine in general, are not admired by professors. Now, U.S, News and World

Report, on the other hand, now that is a journal everyone can get behind. So search academic databases for respectable technology journals and look on the web for teacher friendly technology magazines and you will find all the sources you will need for a great technology term paper.

Great Ideas for Technology Term Papers

  1. Technology and 2015: Gadgets that Will Soon Hit The Market
  2. The Future of Google Glass—what it is, what it will do.
  3. The future of technology—how long until we really live like George Jetson?
  4. The future of transportation technology. How long before we fly
  5. How long? Where is technology going in the next ten years?
  6. Where will we be in twenty years? 30 years? 40 ? years? Let’s discuss the futures of technology. You will be amazed at what you know.
  7. Technology and Medicine: Organ Warehouses and the Future of Medical Technology