Fresh Psychology Research Paper Ideas For College Students

Choosing an original topic for a psychology research paper will allow you to impress both the professors and peers. This will also make the paper more interesting to write, as it’s always fascinating to uncover the connections no one else has managed to before you.

However, it can be difficult to write a truly unique paper, as the majority of relevant psychological issues have been studied by dozens of professionals. You may try to avoid this problem by choosing some obscure topic, but this won’t help you much because people won’t be interested in reading about something that has no relevance in their eyes. The best thing for you to do in this situation is to choose a topic you really like and present it from a unique perspective. Study the papers written on this subject, and try to come up with original arguments and gather some evidence that hasn’t been used before. This will be a challenging task, but it is very rewarding both academically and emotionally.

If you cannot decide what to write about, look at the following prompts. Perhaps one of them will inspire you:

  1. The dynamics of mass suicides.
  2. Try to identify the tools used by the leader of the group to get other members to kill themselves.

  3. Short-term memory loss and its effect on a person’s daily life.
  4. Study how the lives of people suffering from this condition and their loved ones changed. Determine whether these developments have some general pattern or if every case is unique.

  5. Is it possible to create a child prodigy?
  6. Study a few cases in order to understand how these children develop. Are they aided by their parents? How much do the parents’ involvement influence the child’s potential?

  7. The causes of megalomania.
  8. Try to find several studies of known megalomaniacs and research their biographies to determine what exactly led them to this condition. Are these reasons similar for everyone?

  9. Transsexuals in popular culture.
  10. Is drawing more attention to the issue of trans-sexuality a good or a bad thing?

  11. Is dissociative personality disorder a valid excuse for a crime?
  12. Do people who suffer from this condition commit crimes in their “right” minds?

  13. The effects of occultism.
  14. Study some occult sects and their effects on the members and local communities.

  15. Is it possible for a person suffering from OCD to overcome the compulsion?
  16. Psychological issues that come with the “celebrity” status.

    Do some research and determine the patterns in psychological disorders developed by celebrities.

  17. Divination through dreams.
  18. Are people capable of predicting the future in their dreams? Prove or disprove the known accounts of these occurrences.