15 Intriguing Research Paper Topics For College Students

Finding a great research paper topic if you're a college student, can sometimes be a little challenging. While you want original content, you also don't want to have your paper mirror the person’s next to you. That's why we have put together 15 great topics that can help you write your next article:


  1. Given the conditions in Greece, do we have to worry about a sharp market decline is Greece goes bankrupt? Because Greece is relying on loans right now, there's a question as they may not have enough money to support the country in their banking system may fail.
  2. As quantitative easing tapers off, what will happen with the financial markets? Should interest rates rise a little bit higher, or will the Fed continue to keep rates at the same pace?
  3. Is the US market headed for a decline? Or deflation where we stop spending and we're holding our money for fear of another recession?
  4. As the job rate rises higher, why does it seem like we're still going into a depression in some parts of the country like the midwest?
  5. Is there a way to fix a volatile market? When we have issues like terrorism, Ebola, or bomb scares, it always affects the market. Should there be a lag in the market regarding the real world news they recieve?.


  1. Can Facebook maintain its lead as one of the best online social media resources?
  2. With the decline in Twitter over the past year, is this a fad thats faded away?
  3. With the growth in sites like GoDaddy, Shopify and Wix are there too many online stores now?
  4. As Ebay fades away, will Twice be twice as nice?
  5. With the new Samsung TVs having smart intelligence, What should we do now that privacy issues have been violated?


  1. Are there too many reality TV shows? And is this taking away from mainstream TV?
  2. Has television become too commercialize and uncensored? Now that we're seeing more sex and hearing more violence on TV, do we have to concern be concerned about our kids?
  3. What's the next new buzz marketing craze that you're excited about and why?
  4. With so many great Super Bowl ads that focus on heavy marketing techniques, is shock value the new way to sell products?
  5. Is the best way to advertise to show products in shows and in movies? Do celebrity endorsements help?