10 Music Term Paper Ideas That Will Catch Your Reader's Attention

As a rule of thumb, any term paper should be written about one of two things: Something that will bring you joy; something that shall be of utility down the line. For most, finding joy is of greater importance than the latter. Consultation with your advisor or supervisor enables one to develop the degree of assimilation of what a good term paper should look like.

Here, you will find 10 music term paper ideas that will catch your reader's attention:

  1. The history of modern electronic and computer generated music and its implications on the pop culture in the twentieth century.

  2. The history of rock music: a detailed analysis of the origins of rock music from its origins rooted in the early twentieth century.

  3. The influence of great public figures on the course of music: a case study of the changes brought about the nature of music by Martin Luther King Jr.’s integration of music to the mode of worship and mass.

  4. The history and story of musical instruments from antiquity and their forms in which they are presently seen: the factors that influenced these changes

  5. The nature of music, and the effects different types of music has on the listener: a comprehensive analysis of music and its link with human behavior

  6. Music of death: an analysis of music and its role in processes encompassing death and ceremonies pertaining.

  7. A comparative analysis of two musicians: a baroque musician and a contemporary musician. Analysis of social and cultural influences on their compositions and the manner in which these factors influenced their works.

  8. The art of writing songs: a delicate balance of the right lyrics written to match a certain music or vice-versa.

  9. Music and its influence on everyday activities: how domains such as the marketing industries use particular types of music in targeted settings to influence consumer behavior.

  10. Music of the movies: the role of music and songs in movies. A comprehensive case study of several classic movies and how their music played an important part in their success.

Writing a term paper on music should involve not only a comprehensive and empirical analysis of the subject matter, but it should also focus on the emotional overtones that are invariably associated with music. Music is, after all, a fundamental part of the society as we know it.