A List Of Unexplored Macroeconomic Term Paper Topics To Consider

Macroeconomics looks at how society is affected by certain issues through the act of prediction. This explores different areas of economics and looks at how it may change or affect the outcome of its market or those that produce content for a market. Term paper topics can explore different concepts based on personal interest of the writer. When you think about the term paper topic you want to write for macroeconomics, consider what you have learned so far and what you want your term paper to elaborate on. Choose something you want to learn more about or something others may not know. Here are some ideas to consider for your next term paper assignment.

  1. Is it getting easier to get a loan? Some analysts claim in recent years financial industries are making it easier for people to obtain a loan, but consumers may not feel the same way.

  2. If more people could get approved for loans would this have a positive or negative effect on the economy? A term paper may explore what standards are changing that could affect how people qualify for loans.

  3. What are the benefits of foreign trade? Are policies in place good enough or should they be changed? A term paper may look into what countries most benefit from foreign trade.

  4. How does the United States conduct business as compared to Mexico or Canada? You can find a subject area to start comparisons or provide pros and cons of doing business in a certain country.

  5. Has the housing crisis in the United States gotten any better since 2007 – 2008? During this time it was thought the government was not doing enough to help Americans whose homes were set for foreclosure and unfair mortgage rates.

  6. What happens when an economy collapses? A term paper may explore theories of why it occurred in the past or consider countries that could be headed in the direction in the future.

  7. Does living a frugal lifestyle really help the economy? Some people feel this is just a way to cut back on spending but how does the economy benefit?

  8. What elements of the economy do people/ consumers get worried about?

  9. What elements do financial experts look at when considering financial outlook of a country or government?

  10. What would happen if each country had their supplies and goods and foreign trading was banned or outlawed?