What To Know About The Layout Of An APA Research Paper

The APA (American Psychological Association) style is used mostly for academic papers in social sciences. This style is mostly used for formatting of the title page, inner citations, footnotes and the reference page. If you are to complete a research paper in the APA style, you need to remember several requirements for the layout.

  • General recommendations.
  • Use standard-sized paper with 1-inch margins on each side. Choose a font that is easily readable even if the page is fitted into a usual book format. The font that is recommended for APA-style papers is Times New Roman, 12pt. Every page of the text is supposed to have a so-called running head that is typed to the left on top of every sheet. The header is a short form of the title and should not be longer than 50 characters (with punctuation marks and spaces).

  • Sections within your paper.
  • It’s suggested to divide the layout of your research paper into four parts, which are the title page, abstract, body, and reference pages.

  • The title page.
  • This page layout is organized in the following way. The running head is present in this paper as well. Your title goes several intervals lower. The title should not be too long and there should be neither specific abbreviations nor words that have no crucial sense. The text should be double-spaced and the title should be followed by your name, but without scientific titles. Then, provide the name of the institution where you have conducted the research.

  • The abstract page.
  • It should start from another page with a running head as well. Using no indention, list the goals, methods, and peculiarities of your research in short informative phrases. The recommended abstract size is limited by 150 to 250 words. After the textual part is completed, you can list your keywords, but not too many.

  • The reference page.
  • It’s one of the most complicated pages within your research paper. Remember that mentioning all the reference sources is extremely important, so check whether you have retained all the names of the authors you are referring to. Using the so-called hanging indentation, list all the authors’ names, last name first in the alphabetic order. If you are referring to magazines, retain the way their titles are written in the original way. Longer titles of books or scientific works should be italicized. In journal titles, all major words should be capitalized.