What Is A Term Paper Presentation: A Guide From An Expert

You may have received the honor of doing a presentation of your term paper in front of a group of people. That says a lot about the hard work you put in to writing that work, but you may be little bit nervous about doing a presentation. Here are a few things that you keep in mind as you go before the audience.

  • Be Careful How You Make Use of PowerPoint. It is a great means of educating people, but too many slides are not to be of any help. Make sure the slides you use are clear to see and easy to understand. Bullet points do very well.

  • Follow a Careful Outline. As you prepare that presentation create an outline and follow it carefully. There should be a very logical flow to what you are going to say.

  • Practice Definitely Makes Perfect. You will discover that your anxiety reduces considerably as you practice your presentation. The worst thing for presenter is to be stuttering and stammering in front of people and practice takes that away. You should do at least three practice sessions before you go in front of a crowd. You will be amazed how your timing and workflow improves as you become more comfortable with what you are going to say.

  • Watch The Time. You should include in your outline the amount of time you intend to spend on each section of your presentation. Stick to those rules and do not overlap into another section. As you practice, you should note how much time it takes to finish every part of the outline. This can allow you to adjust the timing of the presentation.

  • Share Your Research. The findings are what people want to hear about. You should take every opportunity to explain how you arrived at your conclusions, and cite the sources. This can generate some thoughts within the audience, and perhaps other people may decide to pick up where you left off. This can help advance knowledge in the field.

You certainly want the presentation to be thought-provoking and the thought should be complimentary about the research you have done, and the conclusions you drew from it. When you organize your presentation and work on your pacing, you will see from the expression on the audience faces how well you are being received. Those signs of appreciation and acceptance of your conclusions is even more praiseworthy than the applause you will receive afterwards.