Searching For A Free Outline Template For A Research Paper

When studying at college, students often write research papers. Unfortunately, not everybody gets high marks for their work. One of the key elements of a good paper is its outline. When your outlining is poor, your paper won’t have a solid structure and decent direction. If you want to find a free outline template for your academic paper, you should look at the list of possible sources below.

  • Instructor.
  • When writing an academic paper you should have an instructor. This may be your teacher or somebody else. The main thing is that your instructor is obliged to help you with your work. You may approach your instructor and ask him or her to give you some example for your outline.

  • Library.
  • Your university or college should have a library where research papers of the students are stored. This is a good place to look for samples. Search for academic papers that are similar to the topic you’re going to write about. Eventually, you’ll find several papers with outlines that might serve as examples for your work.

  • Electronic database.
  • Not everybody likes to mess with real papers. If you prefer dealing with electronic documents, you may take advantage of your university electronic database. In this database you’ll be able to find plenty of good papers as well as in the library. However, in this case you’ll just need to download their electronic copies on your computer.

  • Friends.
  • You should have some friends among your classmates. You may ask them whether they have some outline templates. If they do, they will share these examples with you. You may also ask your elder friends who study at the same college with you. They should have written similar research papers in the past, so they can give you their old papers as examples.

  • Online databases.
  • Nowadays, you may find almost anything on the Internet, including outline templates for academic papers. First of all, you should visit various online libraries and databases that store academic papers. There is a great chance that you will find a couple of appropriate examples on such sites.

  • Student forums.
  • Other free online sources include student forums where students discuss their educational problems and share useful information. Find forum sections related to academic writing and read some threads. Additionally, you may start a new thread in which you will explain your problem and ask forum members to provide you with some outline templates related to your topic. In this way, you’re likely to get some help.