Creating An Original Research Paper About Greek Mythology

As you consider the topic of Greek mythology you are looking back at what was held important by people in a culture thousands of years ago. To show proper respect you must remember that Greek mythology is not simply a collection of delightful tales. Rather, there were moral lessons held in the stories and guidelines for life which were taught to children in the Classical Era. With the understanding that you are not simply writing about what many consider to be fairy tales, you can approach the assignment of writing a paper.

  • Do Legitimate Research. You will probably be surfing the Internet to find articles, but don’t just settle for any one. You cannot always depend on the quality of the blogs or websites you find. Make certain that the author of any writing on Greek mythology is a legitimate authority. The same is true for the website itself. It ought to have an academic orientation. Original research includes selecting a topic that is not ordinarily discussed. The unique topic itself is what helps you do even better investigation, as you are going to have to dig a little bit deeper.

  • Create an Outline. The research is going to help you identify topics and important points. The outline is the blueprint with which you will construct the paper itself. Each section should cover one or more of the important points you uncovered while doing all the preliminary work.

  • Write a Draft. After you have prepared the outline and jotted down some ideas you would like to cover, write a draft of that paper. You are doing this with the understanding that it is not going to be the final presentation. You still can continue doing research and revising paragraphs as you go along.

  • Point out the Original Thoughts. This work can become very boring. It is nothing but narrative. You can highlight the unique concepts you discovered in your investigations. This allows the reader to have a greater understanding of Greek mythology.

  • Edit Your Work. When you have finalized the paper you should go back and make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes or misspellings. At the same time you are editing you can do additional revision work on what you have written.

This is a way of learning the calls on your ability to analyze and be creative in your writing. You may also be picking up some new ideas on how to do research that will help you later on. Greek mythology is more than just fascinating subject. It can be argued that ingrained in the stories were elements that help construct Western culture. It is a conclusion you may come to after you finish writing the paper.